Infographic: What is a Plant-Based Diet?

As a holistic nutritionist, my main job is to give individuals guidance on food recommendations that can better their health. While each individual has different needs, the type of diet I recommend is always the same; plant-based.

A plant-based diet is, in my belief, the best diet for overall health. All of my research has guided me to where I am now, and I truly believe that a diet primarily based in plants, gives the body the nutrients in needs to fight and thrive. 

Below is an infographic that I have made to help you better understand what a plant-based diet is and you can incorporate it into your daily lifestyle. 


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About the author

Sommer Chaka is a certified holistic nutritionist. She believes that by consuming a whole foods plant based diet, you can prevent, cure, and even reverse some of our most deadly diseases like cancer and heart disease.

She has a passion for food and helps teach others how to create flavor-packed meals that are quick and simple. Allowing you to create a happy healthy lifestyle and reach your goals.

She is available for consultations. Contact her at (832) 414-6362.