Non-Toxic, Chemical Free, and Safe Products

It's now more important than ever to not only focus on what you are putting into your body (e.g. the food you eat), but also what you put onto your body (e.g. beauty products), and what you use in your home (e.g. cleaning & household products).

Nowadays, companies are using ingredients that are toxic and harmful. For example, we know that certain ingredients are cancer-causing, lead to developmental issues in children, and can cause digestive disorders and allergies, among many other things. The issue being that most ingredients being used are largely untested and poorly regulated (thanks, FDA). Oh, and to top it off, they are virtually used in everything!

That is why I developed this page; to help you choose products that are safe for you and your family. Products that are non-toxic, chemical free, and overall healthier alternatives to use on your body and in your home. These are products that I have researched, personally use, and recommend to others, because I believe them to be the best products available on the market. Do what's best for you and your family by removing the toxins in your environment and your food. Start now.

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