Surprising Dangers About Mouthwash

Do you use mouthwash often? If so, then you and a good majority of the population do too. Here are some shocking facts about what conventional mouthwash contains that might make you think twice about which brands to buy.

1. Most conventional mouthwash contains a variety of chemicals and toxins.


Ahh... those deceiving labels. Mouthwash and oral hygiene products are no exception; containing harsh detergents, sugars, sweeteners, alcohol, and fluoride.


2. Let's start with sugar, artificial sweeteners, and artificial colors.


Sugars act as a host for bacteria which can increase tooth decay. They serve no added benefit to our health and actually cause more problems. So, why add them? My guess is that it is the cheapest way to improve flavoring. The benefit is for the supplier, not the consumer.


3. Oh, but why stop there?

We are just trying to help, you understand.

4. Let's add preservatives and processed fluoride that can cause teeth stains!


Because, who doesn't want yellow teeth?


5. And, you know that nice burning feeling we all love to hate?


Yes, that alcohol burn! Burns so good.


6. That alcohol can actually increase your risk for mouth cancer.


When alcohol stays in the mouth for an extended period of time it dries and changes the pH of the mouth and throat and is associated with an increased risk of mouth and throat cancers.


7. But, don't worry, you can always call poison control if you swallow too much.


8. Just don't assume you have to swallow it to cause damage.


The warning exists because ingesting these chemicals can be harmful, even lethal. However, it doesn't take swallowing the stuff for it to cause damage. As soon as it makes direct contact with your mouth's mucous membranes it can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream.


9. But don't panic just yet...


10. There are plenty of more natural alternatives that give the same results without the harsh effects on your body.


Natural mouth rinses are sweetened with vegetable glycerin, stevia or Xylitol, none of which foster bacteria growth. Xylitol, a natural sugar made from birch trees, has been clinically shown to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. And, instead of using artificial dyes, natural oral rinses use vegetable juices to add color. Essential oils are then used to flavor, freshen breath and reduce bacteria in the mouth.



12. To save money, you can also make your own.

Try this recipe from Livestrong.


13. If nothing else, be informed about what you put into your body. Stay happy and healthy. πŸ™‚


β—‹ Alcohol (Antiseptic, antibacterial) - Dries and denatures mucous membranes in the mouth; changes mouth and throat pH; promotes mouth and throat cancer.

β—‹ Sorbitol (Sweetener, tartar control agent) - Mostly safe, but if swallowed can cause bloating, and diarrhea.

β—‹ Poloxamer 407 (Surfactant, detergent, film former) - Potentially contaminated with 1,4-dioxane and ethylene oxide, impurities linked to breast cancer.

β—‹ Benzoic acid, Sodium Benzoate (Preservative, antibacterial) - Allergens, sensitizers; urticaria, asthma, rhinitis and anaphylactic shock have all been reported following oral, dermal or inhalation exposure to both substances.

β—‹ Sodium saccharin (Sweetener) - Carcinogenic; linked to bladder cancer in animals.

β—‹ Sodium fluoride (Antibacterial> - Strengthens tooth enamel Fluorosis – spotting, mottling and yellowing of the teeth especially in children; osteoporosis – ingested fluoride leeches calcium from he bones; allergy/hypersensitivity reactions; ingestion can cause nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain and arrowhead.

β—‹ CI 42053, CI 47005 (Colorings) - Skin, eye and respiratory irritant; carcinogenic; can cause contact dermatitis and sensitization.



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